Technical Details

The Jet Fox has a wing span of 9.82 m and 15 m2 of wing area.  It comes with a 60 litre fuel tank , giving it a range of approximately 4 hours. Top speed is 180 kph with cruise coming in at  155 kph. Stall is 60 kph and climb is 7 m/sec.

Engine : 100 hp Rotax 912S
Wingspan :  9.82 m
Wing area : 15 m2
Empty Weight : 280 kg
Max wt take off : 450 kg
Power : 100 Hp
Max Speed : 180 km/h
Cruising Speed : 155 km/h
Stall Speed : 60 km/h
V NE : 185 km/h
Climb Value : 7 m/s
Take off / Landing distance : 100m/120 m
Range : 4 h

Jet Fox is ideal for pilots who want a secure ultralight aircraft with elevated characteristics, pleasant and easy to fly, with a competitive purchase price and with ease of maintenance. It uses regular MOGAS fuel instead of aviation fuel. It requires very short strip for takeoffs and landing and can do so on grassy sstrip instead of tarmac.  Its low operative cost and forgiving light characteristics also make it an attractive choice for flying schools.




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