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The sale and purchase of JetFox design and technology has recently been concluded between a Malaysian-owned company, Aero Holdings Limited (“AHL”) and Italian company Euroala S.R.L.  JetFox, a light sports aircraft known for its optimized geometry and aerodynamics as well as sleek look and good safety record is originally designed and built by Euroala S.R.L. since  1991.  The planes are sold mainly to Italy, France, Germany and the USA where it enjoys vast recognition.  JetFox has been certified in full compliance with international standards for ultralight in France, Germany and Israel, thus demonstrating its superior build quality and  acceptance.

Euroala Industries Sdn Bhd, an affiliated company of AHL, has acquired all the production rights, design and know-how of JetFox from AHL.  Taking advantage of the lower cost of labour in Malaysia, the company has set up the production plant near Kuala Lumpur where it will continue the production of JetFox aircraft to supply to the traditional  market in Europe and the USA while positioning itself to tap on the newly emerging markets in the east. It will also continue to purchase first class raw materials from the best qualified global suppliers and maintain a high level of quality product and innovation with emphasis on safety standards.




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