Jetfox Technology

The Italian-designed Jet Fox is one of the most sexiest-looking light sport aircraft whether on land or on water.  With the improved and new model Jet Fox 97 first launched in 1995, there are some 140 Jet Fox flying all over the world today.

The 2-seater Jet Fox 97 is powered by the 912 UL S 100 HP 4 cylinder Rotax engine which is mounted in front and above the wing.  The control system is standard stick and rudder with dual controls.  The plane structure is made of steel and aeronautical light alloys as well as composite material.  The landing gear uses glass, carbon fibre and epoxy resin resulting in a plane with remarkable light weight, elasticity and sturdiness. The wing uses an aluminium structure covered in trilam, a light and durable aircraft fabric.  The pilot has a clear 270 degree view from the cockpit.  The aircraft can be towed on its wheels,  the wings are foldable and the tail sections dismountable. It is also complete with instrumentation and housing of a parachute.



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